James H. Baker Sixth Grade Campus

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 Welcome Baker Bears to 6th grade Social Studies! 

I am your Social Studies teacher, Mrs. Candace Stakes. This is my 9th year serving the students of La Porte ISD and my 4th year teaching at James H. Baker 6th Grade Campus. I am a proud University of Houston graduate! GO COOGS  

I am excited to meet all of my new students! We are going to have a lot of fun learning about World Cultures and Geography this school year! Our amazing Social Studies team has many exciting and engaging lessons planned for our students. It’s going to be a great school year! 

You may reach me by phone or email. 


(281) 604-6809



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Columbian Exchange/Triangular Trade Route

Please Note:

The Columbian Exchange transported plants, animals, diseases, technologies, and people one continent to another.

The Triangular Trade was the trade between Europe, Africa, and the Americas. Raw materials like precious metals (gold and silver), tobacco, sugar and cotton went from the Americas to Europe. Manufactured goods like cloth and metal items went to Africa and the Americas. Finally, slaves went from Africa to the Americas to work.

Power Point--Class notes
Synonyms or "Also Known As"
Free Enterprise System =Market economy, Capitalism
Socialism =Mixed economy
Communism =Command economy