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How To Pick A Great Book

How To Pick A Great Book
  • Read an Award Winner or a Bluebonnet or Lonestar Book
  • Read a fairy tale, folk tale, or tall tale.
  • Read a non-fiction book about something you would like to learn to do.
  • Read a book that has been made into a movie. Be sure to read the book BEFORE you watch the movie!
  • Ask the school librarian, the public librarian, or your teacher for a suggestion.
  • Read a brand new book or find an old book with a really beat up cover. (It must be good)!
  • Ask a friend to recommend a book.
  • Read a good suspense novel, scary book, or mystery. Use the subject headings "horror" or "mystery and detective stories" to find books in the library catalog.
  • Read a science fiction or fantasy book.
  • Read a book with a friend.