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Research Help

The Big 6 a Method for Research
Evaluating Your Writing Assignment

How to Evaluate a Website- Use this guide to help you determine if a website is a good source of information.
Searches domain names registered as .COM, .ORG, .NET, .INFO, .BIZ, or .US. It provides a copy of the Whois registration record, and also informs about the availability or status of a Web site. Do not enter the entire domain name. Rather, enter it as keyword; e.g., virtualchase for virtualchase.com.

Valid Website or NOT? You Decide

Primary  Sources- Good source for finding Primary Source documents
Historical Newspapers Online (Primary Source Documents)-Links to historical U.S. newspapers available online at no cost. Newspapers listed by state, with dates of coverage for each paper given.
250+ Killer Digital Libraries and Archives - This list contains over 250 libraries and archives that focus mainly on localized, regional, and U.S. history, but it also includes larger collections, eText and eBook repositories, and a short list of directories to help you continue your research efforts.
Writing a Bibliography
Click Purdue Owl MLA Formatting and Style Guide to learn more about writing citations for a bibliography in MLA format.
Essential Information Needed for Creating Bibliographic Citations- See the document below to help you collect information for your citations.
Online Citation Maker Tools:
Citation Machine

Copyright Information
To learn more about copyright view the Copyright and Wrong for 6th Graders  presentation below .