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Summer Reading Selections
Get a Free Book. Fill out the form in the library from Barnes & Noble.
View the PowerPoint below. Click Slide show and click on each book to watch the video book trailers. Choose your free book from the list.

How to Find a Just Right Book- Click on the attachment below

The Big 6 Research Model- Library Review
Open up a word document. Save this document in your H drive in your LA folder. Name it
Be sure to name it YOUR last name!
Click on the link below and study the "Glog". Click on the various boxes/ pictures etc. to learn more about the Big 6.
Copy and paste the questions below to your word document. Answer
the questions then save the document.
1. What is the BIg 6?
2. In order to solve a problem, such as writing a paper or doing a school project using the Big 6, what is the first thing that we need to do?
3. What are some resources that we might use to help us with our research?
4. If we want to see if a book in the library has some information on our topic, where in the book would we look?
5. What must we always do after collecting information in our own words. so that we do not "steal" the work of others?
Use Easybib to give a citation for the following sources of information. Be sure to use the MLA format.