James H. Baker Sixth Grade Campus

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Parents » Lock Down Drill

Lock Down Drill

Dear Baker Parents/Guardians:

Thursday, January 17, 2013, we will be conducting a Lock- Down Drill.
Please take the opportunity to talk with your child about being prepared to Lock- Down.
In case of a Lock-Down, our school would:
Bring all students inside the building.
All classroom doors will be locked and lights turned off.
Students will be assembled along the wall of the classroom door and kept out of
sight. Students need to remain quiet.
Be prepared to remain at the school until an “all clear” is issued.
For the safety of all our children and staff we will lock our doors and refuse entrance to
Remember, January 17 is a planned drill. We will be simulating an actual Lock-Down.
Please be aware that the building will be locked during this drill and you may be denied
entrance to the building until the drill is complete. Thank you for your patience and
understanding as we continue to make safety a number one priority at Baker.

Mindy Evans