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Ms. Phillips' 6th Grade Science

Ms. Phillips



My conference time is from 2:00-2:51PM


Around here, however, we don't look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things... and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."

- Walt Disney

Recent Posts

Crystal Snowflake Ornaments

On Wednesday, December 20th we will make crystal snowflake ornaments. In order to do this we need mason jars or glasses around the same size. The jars/glasses will be returned with your child. If you have some to spare please send them with your child. At this time we do not have enough containers for each student to make a snowflake. Thanks in advance for your help!

Unit 6 Test & Semester Final

Our unit 6 exam will be on Wednesday, December 13th. The Semester final will be on Monday, December 18th. The students will receive a study guide on Monday, December 11th. Please make sure child does the review. It will require a parent signature.  

Help Us Learn About Force, Motion, and Energy

We have just begun a new unit on force, motion, and energy. We need your help!! We would like for each student to build a hover disk to explore Newton's 1st and 2nd laws using a simple hover disk. We need any used CD's, DVD's, or games that no longer work or you are willing to donate for the sake of science! Also needed are bottle caps with pull up spouts like on dish detergent or certain sports drinks and kids drinks or water. I am posting a picture to give an example. Please collect during the holiday week and send back with your student. We are also asking all staff and other students to donate as well. Thanks for your help!!


If at all possible, at home, please have your child log onto their online digital book and complete any assignments from 6.7AB Energy Sources. The students can also work on this during Bear Time when they have extra time or before and after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  


Tutoring is now available on Tuesdays and Thursdays  before and after school. Please let me know if your child would like to take advantage of this. He/she will need a pass to get in the building. Thanks!!

Unit 4 Test

We will have our Unit 4 test on Friday. I will be sending a study guide home today 11/01/17 and tomorrow 11/02/17. Please make sure your child is completing these study guides.

Unit 3 Science Test Thursday, October 19th

I encourage all students to study their journals, quizzes, and homework. Unit 3 test will be given Thursday October 19th. We will review on Wednesday the 18th. If you have missed days and/or have missing assignments, you need to see me ASAP. Tutoring is available almost everyday after school and some days before school. Please see me to set up a time..

Project 1: Element Super Hero Crest

Objective: You will design and draw a crest for an Element Super Hero. The crest will include the Super Hero's name, based on the element, an emblem, based on the element's chemical symbol(s), and the Super Hero's special power and weaknesses, based on the properties and common uses of the element.
Be sure to include the following components:
a. The Element Super Hero's descriptive name, based on the element.
b. The Element's Super Hero emblem, based on its chemical symbol(s).
c. The Element's Super Hero's special powers, based on the properties or common uses of the element.
d. The Element's Super Hero's weakness(es).
e. Color and add details.
                                      DUE OCTOBER 20th